Faculty invited to submit ideas for UTSA film festival

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UTSA’s Office of Educational Technology will host the inaugural Educational Experience Film Festival (E2F2) in October 2014. In conjunction with the festival, UTSA faculty are invited to submit ideas for videos that document innovations in teaching and learning.

“Many of our faculty use video effectively in their classrooms, but we created E2F2 to further promote the use of video as a teaching tool and as a way to capture innovation,” said associate vice provost Sunay Palsole. “We understand the importance of video in reaching our digitally informed students, and we are committed to helping faculty turn their ideas into completed videos.”

To submit ideas for videos of 10 minutes or less, send an email with your contact information and a description of the video or digital film you would like to produce to E2F2 Request For Production [vps.utsa@gmail.com]. The deadline for production requests is 5 p.m., April 25, 2014.

Submissions will be reviewed by the E2F2committee, and you will receive a decision within two weeks of submission. Accepted submissions will receive the full support of Educational Technology’s Video Production Group, and finished digital films will be automatically considered for participation in the Educational Experience Film Festival.

E2F2 will showcase and celebrate the best digital films and videos produced by the UTSA community that enhance and advance the university’s teaching and learning mission. Festival entries will be judged in one of the five categories:

  • Best Instructional Innovation
  • Best Research Communication
  • Best Documentary or Interview
  • Best Student Project
  • Best Vine Video

For more information and to view examples of videos, visit E2F2 on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/educationalexperiencefilmfestival.

January 10, 2014