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ACUE Inclusive Teaching for Equitable Learning (ITEL) micro-credential course is a 10-week course that covers 5 core competencies across 5 modules, to assist in creating an inclusive and welcoming learning environment for students. The course will be facilitated by experts in the UTSA community and will include synchronous and asynchronous elements.

Open to Current Teaching Faculty. Instructors with Assistantship titles and staff are ineligible.

The time commitment for this course is estimated to be 3-5 hours a week, over the course of the Fall semester.

To receive the certificate of completion and the one-time incentive, you must complete the following by 12/11/22:

• Complete all online modules. NOTE: Each module includes a series of readings, videos, discussions, a reflection activity, and additional resources intended to grow knowledge of effective teaching practices.
• Attend monthly cohort meetings, as outlined in the Course Calendar.

By attending this course, participants will be able to:
• Examine how implicit bias may affect your thoughts, decisions, and actions.
• Apply research-based practices to establish an inclusive learning environment.
• Reduce microaggressions in learning environments.
• Use practices to address imposter phenomenon and stereotype threat.
• Design and implement equity-centered courses.
• Earn a microcredential in Inclusive Teaching for Equitable Learning.

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