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This institute will run June 6 – July 25 and is taught in a hybrid format with live Zoom sessions on June 6, 10am – 12pm; June 13, 10am – 12pm; June 20, 10am – 12pm; June 27, 10am – 12pm; July 11, 10am – 12pm; & July 18, 10am – 12pm.

SITI is designed by and for UTSA faculty and aims to rethink teaching and learning within the new realities we face today. The course explores ideas, best practices, and resources that instructors can incorporate into their course design and teaching strategies for different modalities and promotes student engagement using digital tools and Universal Design for Learning principles. The SITI course is also community-based, and you will have many opportunities to learn from and share ideas with your colleagues about the teaching practices you are learning. The course is structured into five modules:

Module 1: Explore the Foundations of Inclusive Teaching at UTSA
Module 2: Empower Faculty and Students through Inclusiveness
Module 3: Design Equity-Centered Pedagogy
Module 4: Implement Inclusiveness in All Learning Environments
Module 5: Become an Advocate for Inclusive Teaching

Each module includes handouts and templates, resources for deeper learning such as recent articles about instructional design, effective teaching and student success specifically focused on what you may be facing in your courses today. You will also participate in reflection activities with your cohort members to discuss concepts from each of the modules and share ideas and examples for different instructional modalities.

To successfully complete the SITI course and be eligible for the course certificate and the one-time incentive of $1000, you will have to:

• Watch all module videos. Each module is comprised out of several videos totaling approximately 1 hour per module.
• Complete modules 1-4 Design activity prompts.
• Respond to modules 1-4 Inquire prompts.
• Complete the final institute assignment in module five and share out with other participants.
• Attend the synchronous weekly discussion sessions.
• Attend the group consultation sessions

The due date for the completion of the course activities is July 25, 2022. During the group consultation sessions, your facilitators will be able to answer any questions you may have and work with you collectively to incorporate an inclusive pedagogy in your course.

**Instructors with Teaching Assistant I, Teaching Assistant II, and Graduate Research Assistant appointments do not qualify for enrollment

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