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This workshop is led by the Dreamers Resource Center and Academic Innovation to provide an overview of the federal and state policies that impact the lives of Dreamers and the undocumented student population. Additionally, we will discuss the unique academic, professional, and personal challenges Dreamers and undocumented students face when completing their higher education degree. Through this workshop, we will provide fundamental tools to become allies and advocates for this student population.

By attending this course, participants will be able to:
• Establish a university-wide network of easily visible faculty allies that can provide support to Dreamers and undocumented students.
• Provide tools for faculty to demonstrate their support of undocumented students
• Discuss with faculty members the needs and concerns of the Dreamer student population
• Foster a welcoming campus environment to support the academic, professional, and personal growth for the undocumented population.

Academic Innovation can support faculty to include and help Dreamers succeed in the college career and prepare for the future through effective teaching practices. Schedule a consultation with Cate Wengelnik for more.

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