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Do you find yourself more worried than usual about our students? Would you like to feel more confident in your ability to provide support or assistance to them? Would you like tools to recognize stress, incivility, and other disruptions to learning in your classes? Would you like to have a better idea of how to cope with student stress and mental health issues? Could you benefit from some tips on managing your own stress while teaching during this pandemic? If you answered yes, to any, or all these questions, then we are pleased to announce this new brownbag professional development opportunity for you, Compassion Fatigue Training, that will be offered June 1, 2022.


This interactive course uses the book The Compassion Fatigued Organization: Restoring Compassion to Helping Professionals to address concerns faculty may have about meeting the needs of their students while maintaining their own well-being. The accompanying workbook utilizes activities designed to “heighten self-awareness and fight compassion fatigue.”

Participants in the Compassion Fatigue Workshop will be able to:

  • Differentiate Burnout and Compassion Fatigue
  • Recognize signs of compassion fatigue in themselves and others
  • Identify 3 personal strategies to reduce their own emotional stress

Designed for:

Newly promoted FTTs currently and actively teaching and struggling to meet the needs of our students and maintain their own well-being during the pandemic.

This is a brownbag training, so please bring your lunch. 

For more information or to enroll, please contact donna.edmondson@utsa.edu.

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