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Presented by Global Proposal Solutions, this workshop will illustrate how to approach the development of a successful NSF CAREER proposal.

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Rick NaderConsultant, Global Proposal Solutions
Principal Consultant Dr. Richard (Rick) Nader has 25 years of experience developing and writing proposals to federal, private and corporate foundations and international funding sources at Texas A&M University, University of North Texas and Mississippi State University. He previously served as a program manager at the Office of International Science and Engineering at the National Science Foundation. Nader has served as PI and Co-PI on NSF, Department of Education, State Department, as well as public-private funding, including awards from Japan.

Nader has significantly contributed to competitive awards across a broad range of funding agencies: NSF, DoD, Department of Education, State Department, Department of Health and Human Services, State-level health and education agencies, corporations and foundations.

While at Texas A&M in the 1990s, Nader worked closely with the Proposal Development team at Texas Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) while he was director of the Community Grant Support Center (CGSC) located at the Public Policy Research Institute, also at Texas A&M. The CGSC staff worked directly with community-based organizations to consult and develop proposals to secure primarily federal funding. Nader carried out evaluation research while a Senior Research Associate at the Public Policy Research Institute and specializes in evaluating study abroad curricula and research design in cross-cultural settings.

Nader served as Program Manager for East Asia (China) in the Office of International Science and Engineering at the National Science Foundation (NSF). After his term at NSF, he became founding Director for Research Development at the University of North Texas (UNT), and most recently supervised and advanced the Global Research Development units at UNT and Mississippi State.

Nader’s experience includes designing and delivering workshops on how to be successful in competing for grants and contracts, what makes for a successful international research or development proposal, understanding the review process, and evaluation of study abroad and building your institution’s “Global Research IQ.” He has directly helped hundreds of faculty be successful with proposals to federal agencies, private foundations and foreign funders, including strategies for fundraising, international development and engaging corporations and foundations.

Rick has a BA in English, a Master’s degree in Public Administration and a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration.

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