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Students as Learners and Teachers at an HSI: Analyzing and Revising Course Syllabi through an Equity Conscious and Student-Centered Approach

In this teaching conversation, we will share our new initiative, Students as Learners and Teachers initiative, which aims to design teaching and learning spaces in direct response to the experiences, knowledge, and insights from our students. By collaborating with our students, the initiative aims to foster student agency of their learning, integrate inclusive and equitable teaching approaches, and build a culture of openness to student feedback, reflection, and revision on teaching across the university. Specifically, we will share an equity-minded and inclusive framework our student partners use to provide feedback to instructors on language choices in course syllabi that highlight inclusivity and accessibility, engagement, feedback and assessment, representation, and implicit bias. Drawing on student partners’ insights, faculty participants will have the opportunity to analyze and revise their own course syllabi informed by the framework and guided questions. By reflecting on our language choices in course syllabi and committing to revisions, we can create educational spaces that empower our students’ learning and growth in our courses and beyond.

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