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As one of the Seal of Excelencia 2021 Technical Assistance Webinars, Implementing Evidence-Based Practices to Intentionally SERVE Latino Students offers participants the opportunity to examine evidence-based practices to intentionally advance and accelerate Latino, and all student, success. Specific focus will be given on how to implement and advance evidence-based programs and policies with a Latino lens, drawing on Excelencia’s experience of more 15 years with evidence-based practices that work for Latino students.

There is no cost to attend the webinar. Registration is required.


One of the elements of Excelencia‘s technical assistance strategy are webinars where participants learn strategies that further their institutional efforts to intentionally align data, practice, and leadership as a community of learners and practice committed to the common cause of accelerating Latino student success. The learning from the technical assistance webinars supports institutional pursuit of the Seal of Excelencia certification.

As a trusted and respected convener, Excelencia technical assistance webinars offer:

  • Interactive sessions with subject matter specialists, policy makers, researchers, and leaders in higher education;
  • Asset-based discussions on data, practice, leadership, and policy with a Latino lens;
  • Learning and networking environments to share practices, strengths, and opportunities; and
  • Time, tools, resources, and support to advance institutional efforts to more intentionally serve Latino, and all, students.
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