Facility Guidelines

Room Reservations

  • The purpose and priority of the Faculty Center meeting rooms and JPL Assembly Room are outlined in the Faculty Center Space Policies.
  • Room features and information are highlighted on the Room Information page.
  • Meetings and events may be scheduled Monday-Friday 8am-6pm. (Visit the About page to see FC hours)
  • Evening events may be scheduled 6pm-9pm with prior approval. *Fees may apply.
  • Weekend, summer and intersession events may begin one hour after the library opens and must conclude one hour before the library closes, unless other arrangements have been pre-approved in advance. *Fees may apply.
  • A request for a particular room may be assigned to a comparable space to ensure efficient use of space and resources.  The Faculty Center Casual Seating area can be reserved for receptions and events. However, because this area is intended for drop-in use by faculty, the area will remain open to individuals who may wish to use the space.
  • Changes or cancellations to an existing reservation should be submitted via email, preferably with 24-hours advance notice.
  • Same-day reservation requests for Faculty Center rooms are not accepted.
  • Reservations for next business day must be placed by 2 p.m. the prior workday.
  • Reservations for Mondays must be placed by 2 p.m. the previous Friday.
  • Weekend reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance to allow for staff scheduling. *Processing times may vary with Holidays and/or University Closures.
  • Requests for the JPL Assembly Room must be submitted 10 working days in advance of the meeting/event date.
  • Faculty are welcome to use meeting rooms on a drop-in basis, as long as there are no other events/meetings scheduled in the rooms. Drop-ins should exit the room at least 15 minutes prior to the next room reservation to allow time for the reservation holder to arrive and set up for their scheduled meeting.

Room Access

  • No key pick-up is necessary. Rooms are unlocked by Faculty Center staff prior to scheduled meetings/events.
  • Before the meeting/event:
    • Meeting organizers will have advanced access to their reserved room for set-up (30 minutes prior the scheduled start time in the JPL Assembly or Conference Room, 15 minutes prior for all other rooms).  If earlier access is needed, a request should be made at the time of reservation.
    • Faculty Center staff may assist meeting organizers with basic technology set-up.  Should assistance be required during the meeting due to technical issues, meeting organizers should call or text 210-288-0137 for assistance. (Generally available between the hours of 8am-6pm).
    • Dedicated tech support is not provided.  Speak to the Faculty Center team for additional options.
  • After the meeting/event:
    • Meeting organizers will have a window of time to clear and exit the room (30 minutes after the scheduled end time in the Assembly or Conference Room, 15 minutes after for all other rooms).
  • Faculty are welcome to use the Casual Seating area during Faculty Center hours.  After hour access is via the keypad code at the entryway. *Faculty should not share the access code with anyone.  It is strictly for faculty use.


Room Use Fees

  • There are no room-use fees for use of the JPL Assembly Room or Faculty Center meeting rooms.

Room Set Up Fees

  • Room set-up is free of charge utilizing the existing Faculty Center furniture. Any special furniture needs beyond what is already available within the Center (round tables, for example), will need to be arranged and paid through UTSA Facilities – *Advance approval by the Faculty Center events team is required.

Technology Fees

  • There are no fees for use of technology equipment in the Faculty Center or JPL Assembly Room. Any additional equipment or services needed beyond what is installed in meeting rooms will need to be arranged and paid through UTSA Academic Innovation, Learning Technologies. Dedicated tech support is not provided. Speak to the Faculty Center team for additional options.

Housekeeping Fees

  • Meetings/events held outside of operational hours, where food will be served to 30 or more attendees, will require additional housekeeping support.
  • In addition, Faculty Center staff may determine that certain meetings/events  will require additional housekeeping support based on logistics, duration and/or the number of rooms utilized (both during and after operational hours).
  • In all these cases, the sponsoring department will be responsible for associated housekeeping fees. Faculty Center staff will assist you in making housekeeping arrangements.
  • Housekeeping event support includes maintaining restrooms during and after the event, cleaning up any spills, trash removal and floor cleaning. Housekeeping staff coverage is determined based on the UTSA Facilities Event Staffing Guidelines.

Other Fees

  • Other campus service providers such as the UTSA Parking Division and Catering also charge fees for their services. Sponsoring departments will be responsible for arranging and paying fees directly to campus service providers.
  • If any damage occurs to the facility or equipment during the course of a meeting/event, the sponsoring department will be asked to cover repair/replacement costs.
  • Joint use of Faculty Center spaces by faculty and non-UTSA organizations must comply with the university’s Joint Sponsorship policies and be pre-approved.  Fees will be assessed for Joint Sponsored meetings and events.  At a minimum, the fees must ensure recovery of all costs incurred by UTSA that relate to the jointly sponsored activity or program. Faculty Center staff will assist you with the Joint Sponsorship application process.


  • Faculty Center meeting rooms are intended for faculty-led and faculty-focused meetings, events and workshops.  Staff are welcome to attend meetings and events in the Center to which they are invited.  Meetings involving students that fall under the Faculty Center Space Policies may be held in JPL Assembly Room. Meetings and Events hosted by Student Organizations will be referred to the University’s Student Union.
  • Requests for the JPL Assembly Room must be submitted 10 working days in advance of the meeting/event date.
  • Specific furniture arrangements should be requested at the time of reservation. Every effort will be made to accommodate such requests when possible and within safety guidelines.
  • Rooms should be left in the same condition as prior to the event. Tables should be cleared of trash, wrappers and empty containers should be placed in trash bins. Spills should be reported promptly to Faculty Center staff.
  • Faculty are welcome to bring their own food and drinks into the Faculty Center to eat during meetings, or to enjoy in the casual seating area.
  • Catering is permitted in the Faculty Center and JPL Assembly Room. Please select from an approved caterer on the UTSA Catering Services website.
  • Effective July 1, 2021 – Provide only boxed or pre-packaged meals/snacks and individual, sealed beverages. Do not use self-serving stations for food and beverages.
  • Food deliveries are permitted with the following exception regarding hot/warm items.  For menu items requiring any type of open flame/sterno, catering staff OR the client must remain near the food set up during the event and must remain in the room until the flame/sterno is extinguished.
  • Potluck luncheons or dinners (events where attendees each contributes a homemade dish to the event or brings a home baked good) are NOT allowed in the Faculty Center.
  • Alcoholic beverages in the Faculty Center and JPL Assembly Room are only permitted with prior approval from the President’s Office as noted under the UTSA HOP 9.16. Events with alcoholic beverages must comply with local, state and federal law.  Alcoholic beverages served in the Faculty Center/JPL Assembly Room must be arranged through Aramark Catering. If alcohol will be served, events may not begin until 5pm.
  • Children are not permitted in the Faculty Center.  Please refer to the UTSA HOP 9.13 for additional university policy information regarding minor children on campus.
  • Meeting/event organizers are responsible for paying for parking validation for any vendors (such as caterers).
  • Requests to deliver materials and or equipment to the reserved space on the day-of or evening prior to the event, should be made in advance with Faculty Center staff .
  • All materials, items, resources, and equipment brought into the Faculty Center and JPL Assembly Room should be removed at the conclusion of the event. Requests for exceptions should be made in advance with Faculty Center staff.
  • A printer/copier is located in the Faculty Center for faculty use. All Faculty Center laptops are networked to the printer.
  • Requests to video record or simulcast a meeting/event should be arranged through the UTSA Academic Innovation, Video Production Services office. Sponsoring departments will be responsible for arranging and paying fees directly to the campus service providers.
  • Only blue painters tape will be allowed for affixing items to walls. Prohibited items include tacks, staples, packing or masking tape. Whiteboard or easels for presentations materials are recommended. Candles or flames of any kind are prohibited.
  • Visitors attending an event or conference in the JPL Faculty Center who are in need of a private room for lactation or other medical needs may submit a request in advance via email at FCreservations@utsa.edu. Faculty Center staff will assist you with reserving a space in the John Peace Library. Day-of requests may be honored if space is available.  UTSA also has room options to accommodate students who are lactating mothers http://www.utsa.edu/health/resources/lactation-rooms.html.

Faculty Center Website

In order for workshops/events to be listed on the Faculty Center website, they must meet one of the following criteria:

  • A professional development workshop at UTSA targeted to faculty
  • A JPL Assembly Room event open to the university or local community
  • Meetings will not be listed on the Faculty Center website
  • Contact the Faculty Center Team to request an event listing